Wishing Star


Two hours down Bonita Klondyke Road in Arizona summer heat, sun cooking through the ragtop of his classic Chrysler.  Air conditioning long dead.  The sign read, “Wishing Star Saloon, turn right.”  He cranked the wheel.  It was right there in sight.

* * *

                “Dang!” said the woman behind the bar, “Windows down in this heat?”

“AC’s broke.  Heinie.”

“Tuff.”  She slid the bottle over.

“‘Wishing Star?’”

She motioned with her head.  “Every wish granted.”


She shrugged.

He stepped over to the painting.  “Wish I was someplace cooler.”

* * *

                Colder than hell, snow blowing.  Teeth chattering.  A sign.  “Klondyke River, Yukon Territory.”


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My Life In Portofino 2018 Manifesto

In 2018 I plan to:

Wear shoes that don’t cramp my toes.

Eat food that’s not going to make me expand.

Live where the weather seldom reddens my nose.

Visit someplace out of my native land.

Write poetry that will set people back on their butt.

Ride my bicycle on some awesome trails.

Tell stories that come straight from the gut.

Tally up more wins on the board than fails.

Get exercise, drink more water, get enough sleep.

Go out where the ocean meets the redwood and pine.

Not make great plans and promises I can’t keep.

Be ready to roll some of these over to two-oh-one-nine.


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Ville de Lumière Brillante


Last night I watched a falling
star cross the artificially-lit
night – oh God, why?  City
light, so far from shining, buries
the treasures of the sky.

Once I sang it solo, hopeful
that you would join in.  Now
we sing our parts, loving
the music we share.

I long for us today to walk
to the end of the desert trail
to see
the ordinary world.  Scrape
the tarnish of man away.

We have not reached
the end.

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Somewhat a Sonnet


Ask not how true love we initiate
By staring long we love debilitate
But cast your lot in love’s consuming fire,
And die love’s death fanning love’s flame higher.

Seek not to cast nets, many loves to take,
But look instead your love long-lasting make.
Dream not a-flame in lust’s evil power.
Seek first your love hide in love’s sweet bower.

T’was once was true I lived to seek and woo,
But now my arrow’s aim is love that’s true.
A lass I have who’s won and wears my heart,
And now my dreams and work are on her part.

So this, my friend, is how love is with me:
She takes me captive and has set me free!

In Absentia


Orlando Weekly


Saw you shamble on by,
yesterday on Orange Blossom.


Talking to the gods.

Cursing cars and trucks;
who could blame you?

It has been six years
since your absence
in the office signaled
your silent resignation.

You abandoned
what you were.

Where then did you go?



Bored Panda


pied eyes open wide
awake alert a-watch
flashing the forest with a fixating stare

mousie morsel for a meal
swooping swiftly sweeping
terrible talons taking food to lair

teensie weensie tar-tar
gruesomely gobbles greedily
belches blob of fur and bones to spare

Winds Can’t Heal – Jilly/Charley

Jilly started a Renga challenge, and we just kind of ran with it. Lots of fun!


What the winds can’t heal
The contrails sever

Flight to Havana, stopover
in Miami – looking for Cuban food

Settled for Vichyssoise
The eyes remind me of you

Your cold fish glance
As you detached from “us”

Missed the boarding call
Took Uber to South Beach

A diet from you – from drama
Low-carb sun worship

Snorting salt – talking to myself
While the crazy people gawk

Took sustenance on the sand
Salad days with little dressing

Sword-swallowing the contrails
Begging the wind to break my ribs

What the land breeze can’t evaporate
a clean cut condenses

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