Somewhat a Sonnet


Ask not how true love we initiate
By staring long we love debilitate
But cast your lot in love’s consuming fire,
And die love’s death fanning love’s flame higher.

Seek not to cast nets, many loves to take,
But look instead your love long-lasting make.
Dream not a-flame in lust’s evil power.
Seek first your love hide in love’s sweet bower.

T’was once was true I lived to seek and woo,
But now my arrow’s aim is love that’s true.
A lass I have who’s won and wears my heart,
And now my dreams and work are on her part.

So this, my friend, is how love is with me:
She takes me captive and has set me free!

12 thoughts on “Somewhat a Sonnet

  1. I’m guessing the title is a reflection on your altered rhyme scheme? Nonconformist formers have written outside the lines in the poetic coloring book and been esteemed for what they wrote, not chided for how they wrote. This, Charley, is an outstanding sonnet! The opening two lines are stunning – they make the whole piece for this reader. Bravo!

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