Wine Take — a poem

image by Charley

Under magenta lights our wine
takes on a note dropped
from a wind chime suspended
over my beloved’s head.

The piano speaks,
while bass agrees –
if somewhat apologetically.

We give thanks for the plash
of the pond fountain, the din
from our uninvited freeway,
distantly related –
if not distant enough for our tastes.

The Dipper, Ursa Major, lumbers
overhead, heedless of a nocked
arrow from Orion’s bow.

Ah, the wine has taken us on!

File for Future Reference — a poem

image by Charley

Outside the bars sunrise flashes
an indelicate orange-yellow. Birds cheer-
up the advent of day, take wing grasping
manners of clouds once sequestered
in the night sky.

In my cell, mindless of fluorescent “day,”
my self drags, somnambulant, through gloom –
ever night. Ever night.

A family of Sandhills promenade
past the bars of our back fence.
They pause to converse with inmates –
urge flight. Ancient, primitive they
know better than to build for themselves.
They know instinctively the boon of liberty.

As daylight dies I return to the wings
I’m making out of hours and shortening of breath.
My workbench is a classroom, my tools my frustration.
A timesheet keeps watch, a laptop for restraints
August through June…Devil’s Island, Alcatraz.
The Sandhills just brought me a birthday cake.