Cut and Clarity


Fifty pulses per minute, at rest.

Burning sapphire, my heartbeats
trace a syncopated arrhythmia
on the chart.

Lively, my love keeps it molten.

Hot, flowing gemstone that singes
all but the girl who’s my setting.

Light flares within.

How did I live before this?


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille night.  The magic word is “burn.”

Starred Man


Life on Mars.  I found
this cut on a long-ago
album.  The innocent
idea of leave your troubles
and woes, light the fuse
and away it goes.

Red roadster, red roadster,
let Starman take over.

Off of cruise control –

ground control –

cruising the Solar.

What a system!


An oddity.  An odyssey.