Pantoum: Leaving a Wake — a Poem

Much like on the water.  Leaving awake
a surface turmoil that stirred the deep.
Was it disorder purely for passion’s sake?
Emotion like waves crashing my heart’s keep.

A surface turmoil that stirred.  The deep-
rooted belief that faithful love would prevail.
Emotion, like waves, crashing.  My heart’s keep,
a false wall erected, destined to fail.

Rooted belief: that faithful love would prevail
caused me to assume a guise detached;
a false wall erected.  Destined to fail
(she was passing swiftly), I became attached.

Caused me to presume.  A guise, detached;
was it disorder?  Purely for passion’s sake
she was passing (swiftly I became attached)
much like on the water, leaving a wake.

* * *

So, Jilly is at the helm at dVerse Poets Pub for Meeting the Bar.  She’s raised the bar, bidding us to “…write a Form Poem that makes use of Repetitive Lines.”

Quadrille: Cracks Among the Fireweed — a Poem

No thanatologist, I — nor one cheered
by Sesquipedalians; although certainly warmed
on the breezy excretions of flawed knowledge.

I’ve worked in death; failed “the face of Death” to see.

Emptiness is only empty to those zealous to disbelieve.

Cheers echo from an assumed abyss.

* * *

De is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, and she bids us “cheer!”  (Actually, she wants us to use “cheer,” but I thought it sounded better the other way.  …maybe not.)

It’s Always a Game of Chutes and Ladders

“I must lie down where all the ladders start….”  — W. B. Yeats

Oh no you don’t!
I whisper to a god who laughs,
and then I am left wondering
where I thought I saw
the angels — “How many can dance
(asks the wag in the back seat)…?

It depends on what is playing:
the jitterbug takes
more room.  A slow dance
and you are good for a few more.

But are PDAs allowed on streets of gold?

And would affection
be the thing heavenly beings would show?
Based on the voting masses
of America, my guess would be no.

While you might not have seen God smile,
neither have you seen him grimace… have you?