From Scratch


“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”

– Ogden Nash


it(ch) alone you’ll only make
it(ch) worse.
It’s what you do.

You have
an itch.  You scratch
it(ch).  Then it(ch) bleeds.

it(ch) open.

inside the wound.

Whiskey and Ancho liquor splashes
onto exposed

Osprey screams.

The itch
won’t go


* * *


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Soaring Low


Washington Post


A bald eagle built
a nest on a directional
sign on eastbound 408
where lanes exit to 417
in Orlando.

Last week, driving
home, I looked up and saw
an eaglet standing
in the nest, looking
out at the traffic rushing
under her feet –
without pattern or reason.

The eaglet was wavering
on the edge.

As I moved on, I knew
the feeling.





Owl National Audubon Society

National Audubon Society


“When the lips are silent,
the heart has a hundred tongues.”

– Rumi


These still moments roll

between you and I, charged

with blue voltage that feeds.

We are not filling the spaces

with devices and parlor tricks.


You open the spaces, smiling.


I span the spaces with fluttering –

wings carry our love tree to tree.




so let’s say a tree that hangs





so let’s say

a tree that hangs

because I love

a cliché once

yesterday you were

the only

not alone but

in unison really

twelve hours we

rode laughter

following the rules

of engagement

our life is

on the cusp higher

that settles

much redundantly

how long and how

wide ardently

love comes in

volumes bound

so let’s say

a tree that gives

let’s say the

yesterday when

you were the

only one alone




Top Hat and Tail Feathers


“…birds are holes in heaven
through which man may pass.”

– Walter Anderson


Today I chose the Crow,
tossing the Mockingbird I wore
yesterday into the hamper.

I enjoy my time in the choir.

The Crow is a more thoughtful
outfit – as long as I don’t see
any shiny thing along the way.

As a Crow I’m allowed to witness
in the court; a defender – Fish
Crows serve in the prosecution.

I’ve only worn the Dove once —
really don’t have that much grace within me.


* * *


Walter Anderson, Artist.

Walter Anderson’s Little Room.