My Response to Will Shakespeare’s 18th Sonnet for Mrs. Johnson’s English 4 class — a poem


My girlfriend is not all of that.
I mean, she holds her own against the weather in June.
The heat and storms ramp up in May big time,
And they just go on forever.
Sometimes you step outside and the sun will knock you over —
                for real!
Other times you go weeks under clouds and rain;
And they call it The Sunshine State!
But yeah, my girlfriend’s better than the weather here,
And she’s always fresh, you know?
So, I’m writing this so others will know,
And maybe spray it on the wall that surrounds her neighborhood —
Make her immortal like.
Maybe I’ll get an “A” for this, you think?




A Natural Source of Nitrogen for Plants — a poem

A Photoshop/AI truth,
whether city or flower
or humanity’s wisdom.

A sad reality we see
and believe no matter
the lack of honesty.

Crack in the façade
overlooked, jumped
over, for the agenda.

Should a flower bloom
in city center, a sprout
unwanted, then blame

the fertilizing BS spreaders.


* * *

Another quick response — unexpected and unintended — to an image on The Sunday Muse. I never know where these things are going to take me.