Newly Hatched


photo by Charley


Newly hatched
plot.  Freed,
from the surface of living
day to day, we (dragon)fly
our joy, each circling
the other.  Cherish
each loop,

for now.  A lifespan of mindful bliss.


* * *

Next to irony — enjambment!



Quadrille: No Safe Harbor



Five thirty-six.
March twenty-seven
(on Good Friday)
nineteen sixty-four.

Unloading Spring’s first ships –
children, men, dogs watching.

Plug pulled.
Nine-point-two quake.
Valdez Harbor emptied.

Tsunami flood
to tune of sixty-seven meters.
One hundred thirty-nine perished.

Ring of Fire.

Tectonics, y’all!

Shift happens.


* * *

It’s Quadrille Night at dVerse Poets Pub.  The magic word is “Harbor.”  …I dunno.  It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt.









Quadrille: But Who’s Counting?





Forty-four.  Just forty-four!

Hyphenated words count as one;

I looked it up.  (Forty-four!)

Forty-four; got to keep that in my head.

Forty-four… although word count helps.

I used to spell it “Fourty-four”

when I was a kid.  Forty-four.

Count them up quick… er, quickly!



* * *


It’s another Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub!  What’s a quadrille?  A poem of only… um, lessee… I used to know this.  Anyway, c’mon over and help tally ’em up!