Casting Bricks Challenge


Let the children lamentations sing

For we are by the internet captive taken

Let the strong youth petitions bring

For our pure reason not be forsaken

Let grownups extol the joy of books

For it is by writing and reading we live

Let the elders shepherd with staffs and crooks

For it is seeming that to us their wisdom they give


Posted to Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge as a challenge fragment.  While this is not a religious poem, the style is lifted from the Psalms… or perhaps more likely from Christopher Smart’s Jubilate Agno.  Either way, don’t feel that you have to lockstep in this form.  Have fun.  You won’t hurt my feelings.

Another section of Jubilate Agno, featuring Jeoffry the cat!




Step! Two, three and again
step two! Now – turn around

voice receding –
centrifugal distant tracking
rhythm raises
drum      beat
light deepening

Toss!  Water, water, and again
center with hands – wheel spinning

palms caressing –
thumbs, pressing, opening
fingers guiding
earth shaping
bowl becoming


What fun!  This is my completion of Petru J. Viljoen’s challenge half-quadrille.  She submitted this as part of Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge.  (Or possibly it’s her Casting Bricks December Challenge.  Well, whatever it’s called, it’s a fun time working off another’s impetus — their voice, tone, and, at times, their sass.  I invite you to check it out.  I dare you to try your hand!

American Haiku – Winter Solstice

Sun hides inside cave —
America’s winter comes
we hold on for Spring

Posted to Frank J. Tassone’s American Haijin Haiku Challenge #12.  The challenge word(s) are “Winter Solstice.”  I thank Frank for posting this on his blog, allowing us to be unconventional at times with our approach to what would normally be traditional Japanese forms… except very few of us speak Japanese… and even if we did, we’d bugger up the forms, because they are a part of the Japanese culture.  I’m thankful that our Japanese brothers and sisters suffer us in our ignorance and conceit!


Too often
it is the wings that catch
my gaze.  Oh, I may glance
toward the tail, the head,
a fleeting glimpse.

No, ‘tis
the wings, their length and set,
that draws my eye.  How they flap,
pull as the elusive quickly slips by.

You’d think
I would notice markings,
color, or they way she holds
her feet in flight.

But no,
it is always the wings…

the wings that carry my dreams.

McCrunchy’s Café: The Second Shift


source unknown


Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!

 For breakfast you’ll fare the most –
an ironic side of bacon,
unchallenged eggs over-easy,
even some wry toast –
one jittery cup of coffee; to-go.

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!

Our lunch (en)counter opens atten(d),
Waitresses waiting impatiently.
Pisan(der) glass, a friendly complement
To our whopping burger, king-
sized, prized for spies(ed) fries.
Cokes lined up and straws await.

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!


Posted in d’Verse Open Link Night

This is my completion of Jilly’s half-poem challenge for Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge.  It’s based on a loosely-translated Chinese idiom, “Casting bricks to find Jade.”  It came from young poets posting graffiti poetic lines in hopes of drawing master poets out to complete the poem.  …or something like that.

Anyway, this is the sixth month of Casting Bricks.  The fun is both in the challenge of completing a half-poem in the voice and tone of the original, and in bringing a poetic challenge to post.  Feel free to join in!

Groovin’ Ice, Princess!


National Geographic

She’s here to groove,
and let loose with some
well-rehearsed striations.

The dudes just wanna
leave their chatter marks
on the tired ears of anyone –

“Arete, ladies!  What’s
your sign, what’s your sign?”

He’s one of those erratic
types; tip of the iceberg
is sharp, the rest is nothing
but blunt and grating.

All she’s here for is the horns
and the wicked beat
of the drumlins.

“This place has become
a cirque, girls.  Let’s hit
the trough somewhere.
I could go for a moraine

“Ah, ladies!  Don’t go
glacial on me.”


Posted in dVerse Poets Pub where Lillian is hosting Poetics.  She’s flung out the prompt, “Groove.”


A Petition: That We Might Repeat History

To cover our sins.

O Lord, O Lord!

To propitiate the keepers of opinion

let us level the promontories,

remove the way-posts,

allow the pathways to overgrow.


Then let us go down to the river.

O Lord, O Lord!

Let us bathe in…

Sing it children!

…gargle with…

Preach it brothers!

…and drink deeply of the blessed Lethe.


Amen and amen!


Posted in dVerse Poets Pub for Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft.  The requirement is to use symbolism.


Nativity Naivety


Shutterstock (modified)


They ventured
out, mysteriously drawn
by an odd juncture
of heavenly lights –
star aligned with star.

Soothsayer, astronomer,
and alchemist on a sojourn
in search of the unseen,
in hopes of encountering
the unimaginable.

We live in reasonable times.

Magic and mystery have died
in the presence of a posteriori evidence.

Only a few are inspired
by the visit of a cradle.


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub where it’s Poetics.  Lillian is hosting, and has set “visit” as the magic word.