The Ill Effect of Solitude — a poem

Beware! Again I say, Beware!
Not the teeth; my teeth are not set
for thee.

And fear not to look into my eyes,
for I always glance askance. Shy
I appear.

My muscle, sinew, and tendon
are not that alone which will bring
you down.

I am alone. I run with no pack.

A sickness has separated me;
a disease most deadly —
not of my body…

of my wolf spirit.


* * *


For The Sunday Muse.

33 thoughts on “The Ill Effect of Solitude — a poem

    • Aw, you need to watch “Never Cry Wolf.” They aren’t as frightful as they’re made out to be. Like so many things the media gets ahold of, it’s got to scary to be newsworthy. (Seriously, check out the movie if you haven’t already seen it. It will change your view of wolves.)


    • Yes, no doubt. The thing is… along with COVID, the common mindsets I’m encountering make me determine to keep my distance from people. My soul mate agrees. …as does our dog. 🙂


    • As are ours. We are wolves among Wolves. Too many carry a spiritual distemper. Some surely are rabid. …and a lot are just deluded.

      I love real wolves (the four-legged kind).


    • I’m glad it worked. It means a lot to be able to write a poem that evokes true emotion. It helps to have walked with someone who has experienced something akin. Thank you for stopping by to read!

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