Downstream, upstream…. — a poem

image by Charley

Downstream, upstream,
Regal, Bayliner, pontoon, tri-hull,
pontoon, fisher, Bayliner pulling
an inflatable raft, children screaming,
kayaks, pontoon floating bar scene.
Jet skis racing.
A Cigarette boat slows
and turns back downstream.
The river churns.

On the bluff I feel
the agitation of the river —
the flow impeded.
Like the stream, I am
My life a recreation
of others.

Trumpeter Swans desert,
in unison they search
for peace. Eagles, shaken
by chaos, return no more.
No shore birds wade
where there is no calm.


* * *

“We’re only trying to get us some peace”

— Lennon/McCartney

10 thoughts on “Downstream, upstream…. — a poem

  1. Excellent job of capturing a frantic feel in the opening stanza. Also, “My life a recreation
    of others.” can be read two ways – cool. Good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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