Haiku – Short Story


“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read.”

– Jim Harrison



cloud   writing   at   night
rainy   season   hiatus
only   a   fiction



* * *


Shifting gears for day 11 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge.  I wrote two other poems for this prompt — didn’t like either one.  Not really.  So what do I do with rejects?  Let them lie like a sleeping alligator (“Do not feed or harass…”  Think about how stupid someone has to be to feed an alligator… that’s like feeding a kitten; now they’re going to follow you home… or harass an alligator… isn’t that like harassing a heavy weight boxer or something?).  If I’ve managed to spread any gold dust in those rejects, I’ll grab my pan and take them to the river… or some other mining thing like that.

Yeah, I’m a writer!

14 thoughts on “Haiku – Short Story

  1. i bashed my head a bit on this prompt too but turning the hiatus to haiku was genius – evey word here beautifully rendered.
    p.s. have quite a lot of sleeping alligators and currently turning them into an erasure poem!

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  2. Excellent take on the prompt – so very true to your voice, Charley! The fiction of the break in the rainy season is sardonic and accurate. Really enjoy your commentary at the bottom – gators and gold and mixed metaphors galore! Love it!


  3. Most excellent!! The idea of “cloud writing” is great, and the play on fiction in the last line is perfect. Agreed, with Harrison, when in doubt, Haiku!


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