My Heart Never Skipped a Beat



I hit play on R.E.M.’s first
studio album, sip
this soft-spoken red
consider my life’s turns.

Had it been,
if I’d had… an aortic,
an Austin Flint, a diastolic,
or an ejection – never learned
what – I might have pursued

But never murmur.


Posted on dVerse Poets Pub.  Written for the quadrille night… the magic word is, “murmur.”

51 thoughts on “My Heart Never Skipped a Beat

  1. Hmmm… my logical side keeps returning to the 2nd stanza. I read this that the poet’s voice is pondering what would have happened with a heart murmur – that diagnosis would have lead to a life of writing? That is intriguing! Well-written poem.


  2. Your title is so aptly put here….use of the heart ailment terms within…and the murmur at the end. And what one is able to pursue….and chooses to pursue when these terms come into play. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it…..since my husband had a cardiac arrest some 5 years ago and we remain, thankful for every day….and our paths on earth have changed and picked up the pace since that event.


  3. This is a really interesting read for me as someone who has had health-related wrenches chucked into my life. But we all have wrenches in one form or another and then the path changes course, like it or not. The way I read it, to have good health might also be a wrench, which is a brand new, and kind of liberating way, to think about it. Of course I’m reading my own life into all this, but that’s another mark of good poetry. Love that you left it open to interpretation.


    • I try to leave my poems open to reader’s thoughts. Then there are times I’m unaware how open I’ve left things. This is only partly autobiographical… but it occurred to me as I wrote this, how a potentially life-ending diagnosis like this might have added impetus to my life as a writer (instead placed on hold for too long). The diagnosis was real — I was 3 months old. It has never been detected since. I have determinedly NOT let that… or other bogus medical opinions… stop me from an active life. Now I have something to write about.

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