Quadrille: Keeping It Seriously Sweet — a poem



Tom Jones and the Art of Noise

          don’t have to be rich

the cast of Glee (seriously!)

          don’t have to be cool

Who remembers Dynasty – I mean seriously?

          I just want your extra time and your

Just no way to top His Purple Badness!

* * *

De is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  She bids us to “kiss.”  Blame her.  🙂

Quadrille: Better a Stroll Through That Lonesome Valley Than a Fall From Grace — a poem




A steeplejack a-once was I.
And lucky t’was I didn’t die.
I hung from steeples, chimneys
clung quite steeply… dear.

A jack can climb,



descend –
for we cannot fly.

Now wander I
through steeplebush
deep; my tea nicely….


* * *

It’s Quadrille Night at dVerse Poet’s Pub, and Mish, our barkeep, bids us go “steep.”

Quadrille: Cracks Among the Fireweed — a Poem

No thanatologist, I — nor one cheered
by Sesquipedalians; although certainly warmed
on the breezy excretions of flawed knowledge.

I’ve worked in death; failed “the face of Death” to see.

Emptiness is only empty to those zealous to disbelieve.

Cheers echo from an assumed abyss.

* * *

De is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, and she bids us “cheer!”  (Actually, she wants us to use “cheer,” but I thought it sounded better the other way.  …maybe not.)

Quadrille: Dislangled, to Tell the Trood — a Poem


Tongue-bound, can’t roll

my Rs.  Minnesotan, I slip

Ds where THs s’posed to

B.  Can’t read a poem

I’ve written allowed,

s’rong wid me?  When

young I stuggled with

ESSes… came out ETHHes.

Given “LispOils,”a balmy

stuff to stuff twixt numbed

lips and gums.


* * *


Lillian is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  Her prompt word is “spoil.”


I gave it my best shot…!



Quadrille: The Truly Horrible Tale of Yuck — a Poem


Peter Sellers as Dr. FuManchu as Elvis


Who among you

recall the legend of Yuck Fu?

His real name,

Slavisla (Bud) Crescu,

he was a Norwegian Hindu.

A trickster, true –

sported Fu Manchu,

mustaches, a braid or two,

charmed, bilked a hapless few.

caught by Syn Dee Lu

undercover detective – true!


* * *

Okay, De is hosting Quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub, and she gave us the poetically-charged prompt, “Yuck.”  How could I not go lyrical with a prompt like that?


Should the image offend — remember he was a British actor in a British movie.  If my remark about Yuck being a Norwegian — I am a quarter Norwegian, and am allowed to laugh at my own people (in fact, I think it’s mandatory in Scandinavian countries… or at least it is in Minnesota and North Dakota.  I’ll have to research the statutes in Florida.)  My remarks about mustaches and braided ponytails stand as written.  Any resemblance between the drummer and this blogger are purely coincidental — although Paul may be contacted for possible identification of the bugger.



Quadrille: No Safe Harbor




Five thirty-six.
March twenty-seven
(on Good Friday)
nineteen sixty-four.

Unloading Spring’s first ships –
children, men, dogs watching.

Plug pulled.
Nine-point-two quake.
Valdez Harbor emptied.

Tsunami flood
to tune of sixty-seven meters.
One hundred thirty-nine perished.

Ring of Fire.

Tectonics, y’all!

Shift happens.


* * *

It’s Quadrille Night at dVerse Poets Pub.  The magic word is “Harbor.”  …I dunno.  It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt.









Quadrille: But Who’s Counting?





Forty-four.  Just forty-four!

Hyphenated words count as one;

I looked it up.  (Forty-four!)

Forty-four; got to keep that in my head.

Forty-four… although word count helps.

I used to spell it “Fourty-four”

when I was a kid.  Forty-four.

Count them up quick… er, quickly!



* * *


It’s another Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub!  What’s a quadrille?  A poem of only… um, lessee… I used to know this.  Anyway, c’mon over and help tally ’em up!

Quadrille – Not Earth-bound


Covered by earth.
Lord, what a surprise!
Two meters’ worth;
Coins on my eyes –
Bad dream!

Saving the earth,
But what a price.
Love without dearth –
A cruelly hewn device.
Odd scheme!

Sudden rebirth;
The melting of ice –
New earth.
Lazarus’ empty grave…


* * *


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From Scratch


“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.”

– Ogden Nash


it(ch) alone you’ll only make
it(ch) worse.
It’s what you do.

You have
an itch.  You scratch
it(ch).  Then it(ch) bleeds.

it(ch) open.

inside the wound.

Whiskey and Ancho liquor splashes
onto exposed

Osprey screams.

The itch
won’t go


* * *


Posted to dVerse Poets Pub, Quadrille Monday.  Happy Anniversary, dVersers!

The Mistress’s Tale

(In no way related to Geoffrey C.)


To Cobbler, Tailor, Milner —
Mistress is going to London Town.

She found the gold
After her Lord and Master drown.

To Cobbler, Tailor, Milner —
Mistress is going to Harvest Ball.

She goes it alone.
Her Lord wasn’t kind at all.

Mess not with Mistress!


* * *


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