Continue to Carry On


Cultivating Hope – Project Heal


When it seems all hope is faded, gone,

We must make up our minds to carry on,

As heart beats ever steady as a drum,

As doting doe spurs on her newborn fawn.

For hope’s seeming fade may not be true;

It might be only sent to make you blue.

Your heart deserves cake, not just a crumb.

Hope doesn’t come from, but abides in you.


So this is my take on Jenna’s (revivedwriter) really cool challenge poem, called “Finish This Poem.”  This is part of Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge.  Poets are posting half-poems, and other poets are taking a try at completing them.  The trick is to be yourself but not lose the tone, voice, and intent of the initiator.  Feeling brave?  Come give it a go!

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