Hurricane Irma Update

hurricane Irma

Here’s the latest.  We thought we’d caught a break here in Orlando.  The hurricane came up along the coast of Cuba, and turned to catch the Keys.  Progs had it running up along the west coast of Florida.  We would have felt the force of a Cat 3 or better hurricane, but we would’ve been farther away from the center of the action.  It’s the kind of a thing where you don’t know which way to hope for.

Now the storm is heading almost due north up the center of the state, still packing serious winds, and drawing in significant moisture from both bodies of water — the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.  Unless this thing turns to the west northwest again, we are going to have a major hit a la Hurricane Charley (2004) — which devastated huge portions of the Orlando area.

We still have power, and haven’t lost any trees.  We keep hanging on.

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