Damned to Repeat


“We are caught in the devil’s bargain.” – J. Mitchell


Those on the left gather manure
And the right mounds up scat.
Those who serve as the chorus
Pile more on top of that.

We take it all in in noisy swallows,
Take in every morsel they serve.
Turn the wheel as far as it allows
and the ship of state will barely swerve.

If Adam hadn’t taken the fruit
they wouldn’t be blaming Eve.

And we wouldn’t have all these
awful, fucking political poems!

15 thoughts on “Damned to Repeat

    • For me, it’s not a matter of party affiliation or anything else — none of our choices have enthused me… for a long, long time — but now it’s just that politics creep into everything. I want my poetry… and my reading of poetry to be alligned with art. Most of what I end up seeing is political protest, pamphleteering, and bombast. Reading others’ attempts at being humorous, or just plain mean-spirited, wears on me. Let’s move on is what I want to scream. …of course I’m not a screamer… really. 🙂


  1. I’ll tackle it! There is theology in that stanza. Most people, theologians included, assume that sin entered through Eve, thus we blame her, but a closer look at the text from Genesis shows us that is not the case. The agreement about the fruit on that tree was with Adam (pre-Eve) and when SHE ate, nothing happened, beyond Adam standing there silent. The opening of eyes came when he took and ate. Were it not for that moment, we wouldn’t have bipartisanism and strife and the whole ‘blame’ issue would be as mute as our boy was in the story. It is, ultimately, the key stanza of your entire poem, which, by the way, echoes how I feel. When something goes political in nature, I check out. Truth is, my grasp of logic would slice and dice the eaters of said scat, so I take Mom’s advice and say nothing at all.


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