A Guy Walked Into a Bank….



Seven days I pondered this,
And nothing’s going to stop me now,
As I wax poetic on my happiness.

Seven days I labored hard
And no release did I ever feel.
So I consulted the muse of Abelard.

She said, “Remember the word, ‘Bliss!'”


I blame this on the letter M.  M is for Monday, Middle School, and many, many synonyms that beg to be utilized… derivative as they are.

Björn is hosting Quadrille Night on dVerse Poets Pub, asking us to bring bliss to the fore.  What for?  For the sake of bliss; what more?  Join us!


40 thoughts on “A Guy Walked Into a Bank….

  1. Yes, you earned some bliss along with some cash after a long and hard week for sure! I get “A man walks into a bank” as the title, LOL! Interesting you would pick up Héloïse — all sort of nasty and sordid there at first, but I guess in the end she did wax poetic about it all.

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    • It was one of my well-thought-out efforts. However, I thought the use of Abelard worked nicely for my point (not to mention the rhyming thing… so I won’t mention it). Wasn’t he the Duke of Dangerfield?


  2. As I read the title…I almost thought you we’re going to say a joke. But, as I read further…this is absolutely incredible writing. 🙂 I see the prompt for dVerse is influencing your work. Awesome!

    P.S I posted a new poem…stop by for a good conversation.


  3. What? LOL! Love the reference to Abelard – let us all doubt that we may question and seek. I must admit, it is the picture that baffles me, which somehow works with the whole thing – especially the title! “This is a stick up?” “No…” HAHAHA! Good job, Rodney.


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