Just Beneath the Surface


photo by Charley

This is day 17 of Days of Unreason:

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface.” – Jim Harrison


Heard the couple at the next table’s conversation turn
into a disagreement – watched a haiku ripple the shore grasses.

Met Tony who does security where I work, who told
me where he’s from and why he’s here – a sestina jumped,
landing with a splash in mid-pond.

Got a letter from the Home Owner’s Association telling
me our house needs painting and we need to ask before we cut
down the bushes we’ve already cut – an osprey raked
the water and came up with an epic rant, wriggling
to get free from his unrelenting talons.

Came home to my wife’s smile, and that “You’re the best!” gleam
in her eyes – and the sonnet that floated by was just too good
to resist!


A little over a year ago, I joined Jillys2016 in a challenge called “28 Days of Unreason.”  She culled quotes from the poems of Jim Harrison in a book called Songs of Unreason.  We used the quotes as prompts; diving boards suspended over the abyss of poetry.  Jill is revisiting unreason, and I am skipping gleefully along.  Come and join the fun!

23 thoughts on “Just Beneath the Surface

  1. Sestina! 🙂
    Loved these poems floating along the surface with everyday stuff. Every bit of this is good, but the image of that osprey with the epic rant has stuck in my head. And that last part is just sigh worthy.

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  2. This is exactly how it is for a poet! Poems floating just beneath the surface taken at the moment or lost for ever! Living on the edge of inspiration! Everything in life is a poem waiting to be written. My inspiration for the day! Thank you, Charlie!

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