photo by Charley


red shoulders

cold shoulder

not blind

to one behind

the window blinds

offhand glance

only one chance

photo shot

lizard got

human scare

off on a wing….


We’re Looking Out/Looking In at dVerse today. Lillian is hosting Tuesday’s Poetics and asking everyone to consider the windows in their apartment/home. We can either look in or look out; look at the view or the window itself. And then write a poem that somehow deals with that window, metaphorically or in reality (poetic license allowed, of course!). Each writer is to do two things: 1) post the photo of their window or view from their window; and 2) write a poem motivated by that photo, using the word “window” in either the title or text of the poem [Almost COMPLETELY plagiarized from Lillian’s post!  🙂 ].


39 thoughts on “Paparazzi

  1. I like the way the blinds divide up the window – a bit like a horizontal puzzle. The layout of your poem has a similar effect. You’ve conveyed the atmosphere so well with the lines:
    ‘not blind
    to one behind
    the window blinds
    offhand glance’.

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  2. The form and rhyme scheme add perfectly to the tone of this charming poem! It tells a clear story with a heavy dose of whimsy & LOVE that picture! In keeping with your title, did he grab your camera and fly?

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  3. Is that a paparazzi pigeon I spy? Did you know, that in 1907 a German apothecary Julius Neubronner invented the diea of harnessing a small camera to a pigeon? Look it up…quite fascinating with some amazing photos too! So that’s what you reminded me of here 🙂
    And then, of course, we wonder, who is behind all those window blinds???
    Love your window post!

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  4. Great piece–lavished with levity, creative–first I’ve found to use the blinds both in photo & words; striking imagination . Red-tails remind me of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

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  5. The poem is so much fun but the picture of the hawk…astounding! I’m always seeing the red tails and peregrines around scooping down to grab squirrels, bunnies, unruly children…I love how the blinds broke up the picture!

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  6. I like how you present the scene…the hawks’s offhand glance and how he managed to remove himself from danger and get the food as well. I also like the lines created by the angle of your shot… at first I couldn’t believe I was seeing a big bird so close.

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