Insomnia’s Litany

There are many things you left unfinished today.

Lord have mercy.

There is much you have to do tomorrow.

Oh, Lordy Lord!

Seven hours of sleeplessness until the alarm goes off.

Lord help us in need.

That snake you saw in the yard tonight could get into the house.

Jesus, have mercy!

I’m the seventh cup of coffee you had today, here to haunt you.

Lord be gracious.

You should have bought a lottery ticket today.

My sweet Lord!

You should turn off the light.

Yes, yes, yes!

You’ll feel like hell in the morning if you don’t get some sleep.

Mmmm, my Lord!


Mmmm, my sweet Lord!

Mister Sandman, send me a dream!

Holly, Holy!

The most important thing you left unfinished today was….


15 thoughts on “Insomnia’s Litany

  1. I like this poem a lot…and relate to the message of worrying instead of sleeping. My grandmother had worrying to an art form, and I inherited much from her…although I am fortunate enough to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime. 🙂

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    • There is that wonderful group of people — I have known a few — who feel slighted if they are not given the gift of something to worry about. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Just don’t make it a real litany; I’m not starting a religion! :-)>


      • I was just visiting your site…nice. I may try some of the forms. The Jim Morrison exercise is interesting…love some of those quotations. I noticed that I had not been following…signed up! 🙂

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      • of course…I’m not THAT old 🙂 haha…not exactly my era, but one of my kids no doubt. I think one of my favorites is by The Doors…but I’ll check so as to avoid any further ignorance on my par.

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      • It was by The Cars… I had to sing it (badly) for my son…haven’t recalled the name of it. starts out “I don’t mind ya coming here, wasting all my time….” maybe its call Someone to Love? Now if we want to go back to MY era… try Chuck Berry (Mabelline,) and (Rock Around the Clock/Thirteen Women) by Bill Haley?

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      • …and no particular place to go! Nope! Before my time. 🙂 I can go all the way back into the teens and twenties. Had neighbors when I was a kid who would play selections from their 78s collection — the ones that they had purchased new! It was a lot of fun. I remember songs from before my mother’s time. Good stuff!


      • “hail hail rock n roll!” Have you heard Mabelline? about a guy trying to impress his girl…driving his old beater and trying to beat a Cadillac up the hill. This was early rock n roll…first came on juke boxes circa 1952-3. I thought that would be before your time 🙂 I do love rock music to this day.

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      • The first true rock and roll song was Rocket 88 by James Cotton (little known trivia). I doubt there’s much in the way of an oldie that I haven’t at least heard once in my life.


      • Like my kids 🙂 I know songs from my era, and also from each of theirs…CCR and Fleetwood Mac being my favorites. James Cotton? I’ll check him out. The songs I mentioned were out on the jukebox in the little diner where we hung out…we did listen to the radio, but my Dad was into the such as “Red Sails in the Sunset,” and of course my Grandpa…had an old victrola and played such as Harry Lauder… (ah my childhood) 🙂

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