Re: Creation

dVerse – Haibun Monday #14 – “Too Many Mind…”


My batteries, when at ebb, charge most effectively through creativity.  A little sketching, some photography, any form of writing will bring me back to full power.  It helps that I have a loving wife, and a crazy little dog, that willingly joins in.

The other form of unwinding in which I engage involves a cork, a stem, and the slightly oily red residue that coats the edge of the glass as I swirl the contents.

For now these are the activities that time and money allow.


Fifty grey shades sky

erotic sway of the trees

where has your mind gone?


Haibun Monday #14 – “Too Many Mind…”


42 thoughts on “Re: Creation

  1. Ah, this is the kind of relaxation I can get behind. Lazing around the house with the boyfriend, drinking some red wine while I write or sketch something? Mmm, heavenly. Creativity really is the best way to process negative emotions and turn them into something worthwhile, or at least to achieve some kind of catharsis. I also love the image of “the slightly oily red residue that coats the edge of the glass as I swirl the contents”!

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    • Little dogs can be both stress sources and stress relievers. Mostly they are the latter. Glad you enjoyed my offering, Bjorn (my keyboard doesn’t do umlauts willingly)!


  2. This made me smile hugely. All the shades of color in the sky, the way you describe the wine….and the little dog. I’m glad your sky is fifty shades of grey (and as you and Walt commented, like your hair) and not like my hair which is one shade of white….I think I’d rather have hair fifty shades of blue. But I digress. This delighted me thoroughly from start to finish. As we say down here in the South, US, “tween my fingers and my thumb, look out belly, here it comes!” Enjoy your wine. I think later today, I may indulge in a thimble of sake.

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