Quadrille: But Who’s Counting?





Forty-four.  Just forty-four!

Hyphenated words count as one;

I looked it up.  (Forty-four!)

Forty-four; got to keep that in my head.

Forty-four… although word count helps.

I used to spell it “Fourty-four”

when I was a kid.  Forty-four.

Count them up quick… er, quickly!



* * *


It’s another Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub!  What’s a quadrille?  A poem of only… um, lessee… I used to know this.  Anyway, c’mon over and help tally ’em up!

38 thoughts on “Quadrille: But Who’s Counting?

  1. Hi Larry Us!
    You and I can start the quadrille loop- resistance league. Let’s see, forty four words… is that a poem with exactly forty four-letter words? That might be fun… 🤔


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