Dandelions’ Rhymes — Colin/Charley


photo by Charley

Awake my soul into a dream
A dream of robins’ poetry
Whereon tickly fluff of dandelions rhymes
And in silken crepuscular rays the verses stream
I hear a heartbeat
Dripping warm dewdrops of mead
Into the wind
Into her melodies of angelic sweet

Awake my psyche to reality
Where robins’ song is days-end chant
Upon dandelions’ parachutes ride poets’ hearts
And in woolen shadowy rays our fancies see
A tell-tale heart throbs
Ripping acid moans from deep
Caught in a dream’s wind
Waking to bird song, imagined melody robs


This is my attempt at completing Colin’s amazing poem, “Vernal Flutter.”  He submitted this as a challenge half-poem in Jilly’s September Casting Bricks Challenge, and as a poem in dVerse Poets Pub, Meeting the Bar.  Tonight Björn is hosting, and he asks us to be metaphorical.  For those who can’t keep them straight, a simile is “like” or “as” a metaphor, but a metaphor is, like, not a simile.  (or something as that…)

44 thoughts on “Dandelions’ Rhymes — Colin/Charley

  1. Firstly, I’m not sure how I feel about your explanation of metaphor / simile, but I laughed out loud! Secondly, I love how well you kept the voice of Colin’s poem and the brilliant echo of it all, the shift from fantasy to reality. Lastly, I must now scrub this from my mind or shall not be able to complete Colin’s poem myself; tainted brain. One more thing – the Poe allusion is poundingly grand!

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  2. What you did was magic, Charley. It did depart from where I intended, but not only did the wake to reality cradle the dream but it went deeper into reflection from it. While our two voices are clearly distinctive, the shift nevertheless connects them together into a gestalt. Bravo!

    (Would love to see Bjorn’s reaction to that explanation of metaphors! Lol)


  3. Colin and Charley, this is great, because the beginning is so idyllic and yet for the poem to go on it must shift as from “And in silken crepuscular rays the verses stream” into “And in woolen shadowy rays our fancies see” not opposites but the move from dreaming to waking. Awesome!


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