In honor of the final day of NaPoWriMo 2017

J Lyman Birdflight

photo by J. Lyman

This is the final stop;
you must disembark.
The bus won’t go…
The plane doesn’t connect…
The ship can’t sail…

A last breath.
The final hurrah.
Today is the day.

Ensure the lamps you douse
when you discover
you are the last to leave.

The Great Blue eyeing
our sad, drying pond, sighs.
He spreads his wings, gives
a hoarse squawk, lifts
off for a better lake to fish.

April, making a curtsy, hoists
her skirts and makes for stage left.

And poets across the world
are left to flounder –

…as poets so often do.

Day 30 of NaPoWriMo 2017:  I felt the need… the unction to lay this month to rest.  There are many directions I could have gone; so many prompts strewn about the internet.  This just called my name, winked at me from a dark corner, and — well, you’ll just have to fill in the rest for yourself.

One thought on “Terminus

  1. Oh! This feels so accurate – the Gret Blue embodies how I feel today and tomorrow I will flounder. You have captured the mood of the day with this. Only thing left now is… “Squak!” Beat, beat, beat, fly.

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