The Fib and the Lai

I decided to practice poetic forms (for form’s sake).  These two poems are examples of two different poem forms:

The Fib  –
The Lai –

Let’s just say I’m starting easy and working my way up to the “Big Boy” forms (gender-non-specifically-speaking).  My efforts don’t represent the apex of these forms; I’m just posting my finger exercises for the fun of it.

Fib – A Fib poem

a fib
little white
lie.  Don’t remember
Why.  Perhaps I made my mom cry.

Lie – A Lai poem

I told a white lie.
Made my mother cry.
I’m sad.
A tear filled her eye.
She never said, “Bye”
To Dad
And I.  Saw her fly.
Doesn’t live nearby.
She’s glad.


2 thoughts on “The Fib and the Lai

  1. Nicely done and now I feel challenged to give these two forms a go. They are both on my forms checklist and are unchecked! It is intriguing how these two poems work together from a child’s perspective and I really admire your use of line breaks in the Lai. Of course, the best part is the punnistic title 🙂

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