The Fib and the Lai

I decided to practice poetic forms (for form’s sake).  These two poems are examples of two different poem forms:

The Fib  –
The Lai –

Let’s just say I’m starting easy and working my way up to the “Big Boy” forms (gender-non-specifically-speaking).  My efforts don’t represent the apex of these forms; I’m just posting my finger exercises for the fun of it.

Fib – A Fib poem

a fib
little white
lie.  Don’t remember
Why.  Perhaps I made my mom cry.

Lie – A Lai poem

I told a white lie.
Made my mother cry.
I’m sad.
A tear filled her eye.
She never said, “Bye”
To Dad
And I.  Saw her fly.
Doesn’t live nearby.
She’s glad.

38 thoughts on “The Fib and the Lai

  1. Nicely done and now I feel challenged to give these two forms a go. They are both on my forms checklist and are unchecked! It is intriguing how these two poems work together from a child’s perspective and I really admire your use of line breaks in the Lai. Of course, the best part is the punnistic title 🙂

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    • Actually, they are both fibs. I grew up with a single mom. I probably fibbed a couple of times to her, and she probably knew and was glad I did. My father was out of the picture, but that wasn’t necessarily sad…. Glad you enjoyed the poems.


  2. Looked up the link for the Fib — interesting story in itself in terms of how it came to be. 🙂 Might try one for my post today (Friday) — a nondVerse day.
    LOVE the interplay of the Fib and the Lai (if pronounced wrong). Clever take on the prompt! You always make me smile 🙂

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    • They are both a fib and a lai. My mom was a single mom who hung in through thick and thin. She lived with me the last year she lived. The poems were merely voicing a thought… like the fictive voice in literature. My mom would be more short story or novel fodder than a choice for poetry… especially not ripe for a fib or a lai. 🙂


  3. Second comment here…..I was so taken with the Fib form, that I just posted Fib Poetry X3 as today’s post on my blog. Mosey over and take a look at what you inspired. It was quite fun to work with. And that’s no fib! 🙂

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