“Much that you see isn’t with your eyes.” – Jim Harrison


“There are spirits in these walls,” he said,

“and often in the patrons.”  A quote I heard

on a jazz program about the Vanguard


in NYC.


Shared it with my dearest, to which she

replied with a query: “Is fermentation part

of the gift or part of the curse?”  Without

thinking, I replied, “Perhaps it is…




At night I awaken to the sound of intruders

in our house.  Our bedroom door left open

allows stolen light from our neighborhood

to filter through the four-inch ajar-ness,

and I watch the shadows of heads appear


and disappear


Until the fright wears off, and boredom

restores me to slumber.  The rest of the

night I dream of intruders to my sleep.


In daylight I see only with my eyes… mostly.



This is part of “28 Days of Unreason”

based on prompts taken from poems

by Jim Harrison.


2 thoughts on “Vanguard

  1. Wonderfully surreal feel to this poem and I love the phrase ‘four-inch ajar-ness’ !!!!! The punning of the word spirits is clever. Nice poem! Thanks for joining in on 28 Days of Unreason 🙂 Jilly

    Liked by 1 person

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