Wise In the Way


“Prolonged exposure to nature
gives one a sort of…wisdom of the soil.”

– Jim Harrison


The soil knows.

The smallest seed knows what it is meant to be.

Every creature learns its place and purpose, given


I have faith you’ll eventually figure things out.


* * *


Day 17… can you imagine?  Already?  Day 17 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason.”  …anybody else’s butt dragging, or is it just me?

Casting Bricks Challenge


Let the children lamentations sing

For we are by the internet captive taken

Let the strong youth petitions bring

For our pure reason not be forsaken

Let grownups extol the joy of books

For it is by writing and reading we live

Let the elders shepherd with staffs and crooks

For it is seeming that to us their wisdom they give


Posted to Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Challenge as a challenge fragment.  While this is not a religious poem, the style is lifted from the Psalms… or perhaps more likely from Christopher Smart’s Jubilate Agno.  Either way, don’t feel that you have to lockstep in this form.  Have fun.  You won’t hurt my feelings.

Another section of Jubilate Agno, featuring Jeoffry the cat!