No Real Reflection On Me — a poem


photo by Charley


I have taught
my morning mirror to lie;
a sidelong glance,
a winning smile —
“Goodbye.  Adieu!”
My day is dressed
and all my success
is ensured
by my deceiving eyes.

But the camera,
the webcam,
my cellphone selfie —
like a vampire
I’ll not reflect
on them
and their persistent truths.

Tonight I’ll bear
the inner image
to heart.
Tonight I’ll rest,
get an early start, having
breakfast, coffee,
and my morning lie.

Reflection on the Subconscious

“You dozed, and watched the night revealing….”

 – T. S. Eliot

You threw

your Sisyphean rock arcing
toward the laughing face
of  the moon.  Several miles
high, it caught glimmer
from starlight.

Dreamer’s insight,
strokes like a swimmer.
Showing a canine’s wiles –
one of the un-kenneled race –
you started barking.

You knew

night’s dream mirror.


A Quadrille posted to dVerse Poets Pub.

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