Triolet: Möbius


M. C. Escher – Pinterest


“I see today that everyone on earth
wants the answer to the same question
but none has the language to ask it.”

– Jim Harrison


Dumb-struck, blind.  Never knowing why.

Not able to articulate

the question.  Why, oh, why am I

dumb?  Struck blind.  Never knowing.  Why

can’t I?  How very hard I try

to verbalize in a bad state.

Dumb struck.  Blind never.  Knowing why.

Not able to articulate


* * *


Day 21 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge.  Oh, man!  That means we only have seven more days of unreason!

…oh, okay… anyone who knows me, or has been by for a read, knows that I live by unreason.



Lingua Mortua


“I’ve spent a lifetime
trying to learn the language of the dead.”

– Jim Harrison


Moth:  [Aside to Costard] They have been at a great feast of languages,
                   and stol’n the scraps.
Costard:  O, they have liv’d long on the alms-basket of words.

– Love’s Labour’s Lost Act 5, scene 1



It took not all my wit,
not by half, to assess
my way out of the class
of linguists assaying
languages both dead
and ailing.  Indeed,
the more ale’d, the deader
the tongue that tried –
and ended not in learning –
the knotty passages
that left the tongue tied.

What then?

To take up the language
neither dead nor ailing,
but the speech dead
drunk and continued
in ale’ing?  In hops
and spurts our knowing
grew with the hops
of each subsequent
brew.  Our tongues in
knots, but loosened
too.  We buried the
deadened tongues
and – after bidding
awake adieu –
recovering on the morn,
began anew!

(Did you follow that, Chirrah?)


* * *


God knows what gets into me when I butt heads with a poetic prompt (perhaps butt-heads is more to the point).  It’s Day 15 of Jilly’s “28 Days of Unreason” challenge.  It’s been an interesting run!