An Outlook Occluded — a poem for Independence Day



A Full Buck Moon about to rise,
and this the 4th of July — celebrated
most years as a day of unity —
but now we have two anthems.

Will we soon have one for every color?

And our country, the States United
(if you can grasp the infernal irony)
is all but torn asunder.

Florida is setting
new bars, contracting
a novel virus.

We’re either second or third.

Those who aren’t fighting the race wars
are arguing over wearing masks and distances.

And, damn it, the sky is clouded;
overcast, like it would be for a launch.



Tanka Tuesday

Frog on screen

Borrowed from

Water pounded hard
Thunderstorms parading by
Tree frogs waving flags
Tadpoles climb screens to better see
Independence Day from drought


My good friend and favorite poet, Jilly, invited me (or challenged me) to join her in Tanka Tuesday.