Quadrille – Not Earth-bound


Covered by earth.
Lord, what a surprise!
Two meters’ worth;
Coins on my eyes –
Bad dream!

Saving the earth,
But what a price.
Love without dearth –
A cruelly hewn device.
Odd scheme!

Sudden rebirth;
The melting of ice –
New earth.
Lazarus’ empty grave…


* * *


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Autumnal Repositioning


The sun traversed
the equator (no, it didn’t).

This is how we refer
to (a smaller reality in our terra-centric conceit) it.

The sun remains
in place (unmoved, really).
It is our… (chutzpah?)

We do the shifting.

Centuries we believed
we were
the center of living,
the vortex of reality.

We are (delusional)
by scientific evidence
left dumbfounded.

We form culturally-
acceptable redirections,
divert our (addled)
advanced minds from
the shock that comes
from (having to face)
learning we really don’t
matter all that much.

(next we tackle God)


A poem in honor of the start of fall.  You know, when the sun crosses the Equator.