Speed Chess, Central Park — a poem

“When the men on the chessboard

Get up and tell you where to go….”

— Grace Slick


“…it’s time in time with your time and it’s news is captured….”

— Jon Anderson/Chris Squire

The rules have changed since the time
of chess club after school; a game
of speed in the park.


Staunton laid aside, no more draws,
by FIDE — NewChess has become
Calvin Ball.


It’s my pieces you’re swiping
when I’m not looking — erasing


Threw the looking glass ‘cause of untruths;
it’s lying now, in pieces
on the floor.


“Red Queen’s off with her head”
in the clouds, perhaps —
or elsewhere.


Not much for current events gone stale,
mate! Let me play the classic rules.
If we tie, we tie.


* * *

The Sunday Muse #181

29 thoughts on “Speed Chess, Central Park — a poem

  1. Great. The fast click, click of the moves, the poem is the board. Love the Calvin Ball. Click. Untruths, pieces captured whack whack whack, off with their heads.


  2. Place me onto any black space, move me any time you want…

    Not long ago, I added several Yes songs to my iPod. I used to love them and find, now, that I still do, especially with the volume UP.

    Much clever wordplay here, very fun to read. I just feel that chess would be better if it were combined with boxing. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! I used to play a guy who was rated in the U.S. in chess. He had 19 games going on through the mail (tiny magnetic boards). I won one game. …out of a few hundred(?).

      Write about it? Absolutely. Play it? Maybe.


  3. This is complex, Charley — like the game itself. The enjambments are played expertly! The current events reference sent me back to read several more times and I think I see some commentary here… hmmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

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