Meditations of Sophie, Our Dog, Who Has Recently Lost Her Ability To Hear — a poem

Sophie (2)



I can’t find their sounds —
sniffed everywhere.

They have hidden their voices.
I watch as they move
their muzzles; but nothing.

How am I to know?

They smell the same, but are not
talking to me.

No scent of anger.

No scent of play.

No sense I make
of this.

* * *

Okay, so as much as we love her, our Sophie never showed signs of enjoying us: our voices, our music, anything we did that kept her from her naps. She’s probably happy (if a tad confused) by our silences.

26 thoughts on “Meditations of Sophie, Our Dog, Who Has Recently Lost Her Ability To Hear — a poem

  1. It is a wonderful poem from her point of view. Not anthropomorphic, but trying to be in her experience from Dog world. I love the opening lines. And how they’ve hidden their voices like they’ve hidden a toy.

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  2. They adapt very well. But still. She may wonder what happened to her own voice? My cat has bounced back remarkably well and I’m impressed with the progress we’re both making in getting over the ordeal. I’m of the opinion our pets are so in tune with us, whether they show it or not, (or perhaps we don’t know how to notice that they are), they don’t really need a voice to show them or tell them what’s for what with the members of the household. I like the last three lines. You captured Sophie’s bemusement very well. Give her a hug from Charlie and me, will you?

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  3. One of our border collies is almost totally deaf. We have experience with a deaf dog in the past–the sad consequence of the blessing of having an elderly canine in the family. I love the way you addressed it from perspective… something I’ve given significant thought to.

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  4. Charley, I have been admiring and enjoying your poems. I have been following Ivor, and that’s how I found you.

    This poem brings back memories of our dog. He started barking, which had never been a problem before. He seemed unaware that he was doing it, maybe because he couldn’t hear himself bark. When our pets suffer, so do we. I am glad that Sophie has adapted to her deafness.

    Thank you for reading my poems and following my blog. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Cheryl Batavia

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