The Sand a Boundary for the Sea — a poem

“I made the sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross. The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail; they may roar, but they cannot cross it.”

— Jeremiah 5:22 (NIV)


this is not the angel of death we face
who holds sway is but a spectre of fear
we who prefer to huddle in flock or herd
have been culled out, separated and this
oh this is our emotional ruin

too long we have trusted in our safety
so that now we fall easily into blind terrors
our minds are unused to life saving tracks
so we run, we gather, we hoard — our peril
rests, resides in that to which we now turn
not the Mystery, the Other; one who sees all

abase yourselves in your self-held knowledge
run askance before the cryer’s clarion call
fear, fear! panic and despair, children and fools!
Who then is hope for?



13 thoughts on “The Sand a Boundary for the Sea — a poem

  1. All comes together in that last line. An open ended question that doesn’t have an easy answer. We are indeed children when it comes to danger and sacrifice. Our wars have been elsewhere, we have no playbook for how to behave under stress, how to work towards a common goal and benefit. We want technology to save us, we don’t want to have to re-examine our beliefs much less fundamentally re-structure our relationship to life, death, mystery. Well said.

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    • Thank you, Randall! This one of those that write themselves, leaving me to question the real office of the poet in all this… take dictation and bring coffee perhaps. I’m told this timely. I’m glad to be of service to the muse and the mystery.


    • It is meant to be a “stop panicking” type of message. Some will die; I’m not denying the horror of this virus. But losing our minds is not a solution. Then, too, I intentionally included the spiritual dimension — a promise that perhaps only a few will claim.

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  2. Hi Charley. This virus is challenging us to realise our humanity. It has no respect for status – everyone is at peril. Heads of State is rolling – if that was a pun then darn it. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    There’s another being in my life I asked to at least come visit then if not – you know – and all the way from America …
    I’m working on a post. You’ll see.

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    • I would trust science more if I had not taught science for awhile… and if I had not been lied to by hard science as a school kid. Plus… I suspect that much of what we will face in the future will be caused by well-minded science turned bad.

      Either way — Peace.

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