Losing Our Patina — a poem

This path is so lovingly tended,

                                    slopes –

not much effort
required on our beautiful stroll.

            A paved
                        surface smooth 
                                    beneath our feet.

            A shaded
                        canopy, green

I stalk through the aisles angry;
people do not think — “Distance!”
Stripped shelves, fear-bound
humanity hoarding; rude herd
creatures, ruminating in front
of the dairy case — I cough
my “excuse me.” Stampede.
I am the grey wolf seeking
a weakened elk in the herd.
Laughing, I leave the grocery
little better than I came; empty.

The boardwalk needs repair.

            We are consigned
                        to cross
                                                ground unaided.

            Paths overgrown,

Now is not the time to walk,
but to head home —



14 thoughts on “Losing Our Patina — a poem

  1. a poem for our times Charley! – the lovely paths once trod are undesirable (so we are not tempted to venture out too often)

    and we have lost the patina of civilisation- greed has surfaced
    creatures, ruminating in front
    of the dairy case ”
    Classic lines!!

    [more please!]

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    • That’s why I remain ardently apolitical. Still, one needs blinders to not see the downside of human nature played out close at hand — as well as the upside.

      The scales are not balanced toward the good.


  2. The format of the poem works well, nature juxtaposed with the coronavirus madness! The ideas are clearly stated and sadly, all too real. Thank you for this insightful post.

    This is the first time I have visited your site. I will be back to read more, and not just because we are fellow Floridians.

    Cheryl Batavia

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