Hung Out, Too Dry — a poem

“…since our world itself has become a ubiquitous
and prolonged crucifixion it is altogether logical
that we are thirsty.”

– Jim Harrison, “The Spirit of Wine”
in A Really Big Lunch

to social network using
pen & paper

to remain connected through
device & wifi

the nib drags
me to other places
differences in speech
to social acceptability
social adaptability driven by
rod & staff

last words voiced
in this darkening light
“I can forgive” the ignorant
reader –
why do words “forsake
this world leaves
me parched –

the poem is

6 thoughts on “Hung Out, Too Dry — a poem

  1. In my humble opinion, if you don’t want to read a poem a second time, to deeper understand it’s meaning, it is too “flat” for me. Thank you for the second read and a deeper understanding. Also, interesting structure. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! It is quite late where I am. I have just been to your site. You’re not a bot. I was able to perceive that you are a talented not-a-bot. I will peruse in the coming of day. Thank you for your kind assessment.


  2. excellent Harrisonian. always thirsting for more from you poetry pen – “the nib drags me to other places…” do you write or type by the way? I do the latter because I cross out more than I put in


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