of this affair

A wonderful example of a ill-begotten Rubaiyat by a gifted young voice.

Zander In Print

The flowers now have all been forced to bloom
cesarean buds, by-passing the womb’s
flow of blood; no seminal grace is there
to offer mercy at the stone consumed
by flames and hellish want of this affair.
We flag about and fly surrender’s flare
with tails and ties and string; it rains. Don’t ooze
don’t weep, our festered sores, a sinner’s prayer
for each. Both you and I will stand accused
of breaking open wounds, of healing scars.
So trim a Valentine that is misused
into a fading paper cup unused.


for dVerse Poet’s Pub an interlocking Rubaiyat

Thoughts: Wrote this in the traditional iambic pentameter because Will’s words flow and broil in my veins. Add a couplet and pretend the rhymes don’t matter and we have a sonnet.  What I don’t know is if the Rubaiyat is still ‘legal’ with enjambed lines. Obviously this is influenced by that…

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