Growl — a poem

Feeling kind of wolfish, I thought I’d revisit a wild-inspired write.

Life in Portofino



You never joined the pack.
Why share the wildness?

The abandon
as you run through the wooded stands of life,
no trails,
random turn-asides –
the main thing is to avoid going
face-first into a tree.

That unbrushed,
unkempt look
is not a façade;
the outcome
of seldom settling,
always approaching
days, life, as a chase –
predator or hunted.

Why settle for less;
to be anything other than a feral friend?

Tell me when you come down off the high of traveling unfamiliar ground,
the territory of the unknown that quickens your pulse and your eye.

Tell me when you are ready to settle again
and we will gather, you and I,
and drink –
not staid liquor to soothe
our nerves, but fire-blended whiskey!

I know you won’t stay
for long.  But for a time
I will join you under a moon.

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