Quadrille: Keeping It Seriously Sweet — a poem



Tom Jones and the Art of Noise

          don’t have to be rich

the cast of Glee (seriously!)

          don’t have to be cool

Who remembers Dynasty – I mean seriously?

          I just want your extra time and your

Just no way to top His Purple Badness!

* * *

De is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  She bids us to “kiss.”  Blame her.  🙂

20 thoughts on “Quadrille: Keeping It Seriously Sweet — a poem

  1. I got so much to say here charley. First of all. The uncle Tommy video. I hate the pretentiousness of it so much, that I think I love it – if for no other reason than that it definitively demonstrates just how fucking good Prince was? Now I actually do LOVE “The Art Of Noise”, got several of their CD’s. Now your poem. I thought it was brilliant the way you power-packed turboacharged the impact of the prompt “KISS” – by you not writing it. Instead, you seduced us to say it! Way fucking cool Charley. Loved this whole post!!! Bravo…!


    • Not love Tom Jones? Let me pass on what Lillian told me to do. Go to YouTube and search for The Salt and Pepper Diner — by a comedian named Tom (something). It’ll put Tom Jones in a new light. Seriously!

      I had to post that video. It’s a classic bit of camp that makes The Art of Noise concept seem… almost normal. I’ve never owned their stuff, but love what I’ve heard.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my write, Rob. It was a fun piece (although I’m partial to my Ezra Pound Canto piece a few posts earlier better).


  2. Charley, I just picked your latest post (I’ve which I don’t understand a word besides recognising something about Prince) to ask your permission to use the collaboration we did way back that time in 2017 I think it was when Jilly held those half poem challenges which another had to finish to send off to The She Chronicles hosted by Nikkie Skies (nikkieskies.wordpress.com). It is called Whosoever. Hope you see this soonest. Regards, Petru.


  3. Oh my gosh! Smiling — chuckling I am. You have a UNIQUE way with some of these prompts, Charley!
    So here’s what I would love you to do: Google this: Salt and Pepper Cafe or search for it in You Tube. It is an audio only — a shorty comedy routince done by a Chicago man and it hilariously has to do with a Tom Jones song. Hope you do it! I’ve listened to it so many times and suggested it to so many people. If you’ve grown up with Tom Jones….and remember juke boxes…well….everyone I know laughs a ton with it!


    • Oh, you are wicked!!! So… have you been scoping out jukeboxes? Will I be reading about you on social media?

      That was seriously funny. And twisted.

      But then, so was my using the Tom Jones and the Art of Noise video.

      Thanks for cluing me in, Lillian!


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