Roadsigns to a Better Day — a poem

sky magic

Snapped on the day in question.


It’s probably a good thing I walk
through an empty courtyard in the morning.
Nobody hears me as I talk to the sky.
An empty, expectant blue, I say,
“Show me the magic!”

Clouds appear — a long loop of altocumulus,
two layers of cirrus filaments, crosswise.

I set my lunch bag and travel mug of Panamanian
down on a bench and snap
a picture on my phone.

Gathering my stuff, I know
it’s going to be a good day.

Then Harbinger, the crow, flies
over me bare feet above me — laughing.

Ah, yes!  I think, this is going to be a better day.


* * *


Sarah is behind the bar at dVerse Poets Pub, hosting Poetics.  The magic word tonight is, “Harbinger.”



27 thoughts on “Roadsigns to a Better Day — a poem

  1. I love the opening lines, Charley, and the hopefulness of a new day with a sky that is ‘empty, expectant blue’ and the magic of those clouds. A crow called Harbinger – brilliant!


  2. I love that laughing crow!
    Seriously, it’s a great snapshot of a moment. I think poetry does that in a way nothing else quite can. We are there with you, waiting for something wonderful, and then the last line hints at a sorrow past.


  3. Magical! I like this snapshot of your day– the reading of the clouds, but I love the laughing crow (because I really like crows and stop to watch and listen to them). I hope it both were harbingers of a good day.


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