Taking It to the Shed — a poem

Somehow I received
a shed mark —
one side of me that rolls
skyward, down stratified
heavens from a chasmed

My blessed dichotomy, illumined
by the wicked sun and darkens
in the shadowed
love of home-Earth.

“Love that darkens”
sheds bloodlight flowing
down upon castoff

* * *

Lillian is hosting Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub. Tonight she asks us to shed our inhibitions — writing a poem that features “shed” as the magic word.

37 thoughts on “Taking It to the Shed — a poem

  1. I’m reminded of the word “watershed” by what you write here. The separation of the rivers and rolling hills on the land…the geographical use of that term. And then there’s the personal aspect of the word…a turning point in one’s life, emotional well being. You mention the dichotomy and the two sides….and then bring in the word “blood” and the wicked and the love. So much imagery here.


  2. I like the movement in this poem, Charley, that makes me feel like I’m floating in space, particularly:
    ‘one side of me that rolls
    skyward, down stratified
    heavens from a chasmed
    the ‘bloodlight flowing / down upon castoff / stars’.

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  3. I almost see the light from the wicked sun being love that burns brightly, which the dark love of the pinnacle’s chasm, where the blood flows down on the castoff stars like a relationship, where you’ve reached the pinnacle but have to make a sacrifice of something precious. That’s probably way way off from what you meant — if it wasn’t just the Pink Floyd — but it feels that way as I read it.


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