It’s Always a Game of Chutes and Ladders

“I must lie down where all the ladders start….”  — W. B. Yeats

Oh no you don’t!
I whisper to a god who laughs,
and then I am left wondering
where I thought I saw
the angels — “How many can dance
(asks the wag in the back seat)…?

It depends on what is playing:
the jitterbug takes
more room.  A slow dance
and you are good for a few more.

But are PDAs allowed on streets of gold?

And would affection
be the thing heavenly beings would show?
Based on the voting masses
of America, my guess would be no.

While you might not have seen God smile,
neither have you seen him grimace… have you?

2 thoughts on “It’s Always a Game of Chutes and Ladders

  1. Love the prompt and where you took it though I doubt the voting masses are exemplars of angels – nor are the fence sitters. Am sure angels Lindy Hop all over heaven
    (Broken Wiki link – I was intrigued by the image)


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