Quadrille: Dislangled, to Tell the Trood — a Poem


Tongue-bound, can’t roll

my Rs.  Minnesotan, I slip

Ds where THs s’posed to

B.  Can’t read a poem

I’ve written allowed,

s’rong wid me?  When

young I stuggled with

ESSes… came out ETHHes.

Given “LispOils,”a balmy

stuff to stuff twixt numbed

lips and gums.


* * *


Lillian is hosting Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub.  Her prompt word is “spoil.”


I gave it my best shot…!



33 thoughts on “Quadrille: Dislangled, to Tell the Trood — a Poem

    • It is a thing. …a thing I made up to disguise “spoil.” 🙂 But, yeah, if there were money to be made from it, you know we would soon be seeing it on the shelves. Glad I brought a smile!


    • As a child… and well into my budding adulthood (which is still just getting underway), I have done Elmer Fudd’s and Sylvester the Cat’s voice — not simultaneously. You can’t imagine of how little use that talent truly is.

      I’m glad I made you laugh!


  1. s’rong wid me? I can’t thsop laughing!!!! This wins the prize for clever use of the prompt! Hopefully you have reached a place where you are ‘aloud’ to speak your mind, regardless of rolling Rs…? 😉


  2. When I was young, I transposed CH and SH, prompting speeesh pathology setchins at skool when I came home singing bout that matchik flying car that Dick Van Dyke built and flew to Neuchwannstein.
    Loved it Sharley! So good to see you! 🙋🏻‍♀️


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