Raven: Stanza 19 — a Poem (fragment)


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Come the morrow dawn was lifting; dreams were melting, thoughts were sifting.
In the sunlight thoughts of Lenore; tears alight my bedroom floor.
Then I thought my nighttime dreaming was a nightmare too true seeming;
Then I thought my nightmare’s dreaming took its power from Lenore.
And my soul leapt from the shadow as I heard my love, Lenore:
she who’d bust a buzz-saw snore.


* * *

Well, I mean… why not?!?  Write a final stanza of a classic (The Raven), and change the overriding tone of the poem.  But keep the meter and rhyme — including the internal rhyme — scheme.




5 thoughts on “Raven: Stanza 19 — a Poem (fragment)

  1. I do love a happy ending! This is hysterical, Charley, but mostly I’m impresed with your ability handling the internal rhyme of Poe. Great job! Gives me an idea to ponder…
    Also, great picture!


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