Repetition: Djembe Talk — a Poem


My Djembe — first birthday present from my wife.


Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!

This is one of my other voices;
the salamander is silent, still.
I have a pit, a stone that calls
out to the rhythms of the dark.

Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!
Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!

My hands’ hearts beating cry
when music is playing near.
No music is needed for tattoo
the door, the desk, the floor.

Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!
Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!

Still it is my djembe that talks
of long ago in the darkness.
When my djembe to me calls
out of darkness of my funk.

Deee-jembe tok!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe boum!
Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe-jembe!
Deee-jembe-jembe!  Deee-jembe-jembe! Deee-jembe boum!

* * *

Jilly is hosting Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets Pub.  The literary device she points us toward tonight is repetition.  Repetition, the music that words become in the hands of poet.  For me it brings out the rhythmic aspect of poetry… and from there it’s an easy drive to my Djembe; no GPS required.

Yes, I have drums.  Yes, my wife and my dog are okay with that.  In fact, they both really enjoy it when I play… which isn’t often right now.

45 thoughts on “Repetition: Djembe Talk — a Poem

  1. I believe that all music started with drumming, the beat, man, the beat. No matter how much brass or strings one fuses to a tune, it is the drumming that controls pace, sets the beat, schools the toe for tapping.


    • Thanks, Frank! Actually…

      noun: tattoo; plural noun: tattoos
      an evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters.
      an entertainment consisting of music, marching, and the performance of displays and exercises by military personnel.
      a rhythmic tapping or drumming.

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  2. That is so cool! I really like “the salamander is silent, still.” sets up the anticipation for the voice of the drum. Ancient reptile brain. Even better with the photo and the note about the gift. Your poems are often powerfully rhythmic anyway, strong voice beats.


  3. I was hoping you’d do audio but the repetition serves well! Reminds me of one of my sons who also drummed on everything: table, desk, floor. I’d already bought him a guitar and piano lessons so we never got the drums…


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