Quadrille: The Truly Horrible Tale of Yuck — a Poem


Peter Sellers as Dr. FuManchu as Elvis


Who among you

recall the legend of Yuck Fu?

His real name,

Slavisla (Bud) Crescu,

he was a Norwegian Hindu.

A trickster, true –

sported Fu Manchu,

mustaches, a braid or two,

charmed, bilked a hapless few.

caught by Syn Dee Lu

undercover detective – true!


* * *

Okay, De is hosting Quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub, and she gave us the poetically-charged prompt, “Yuck.”  How could I not go lyrical with a prompt like that?


Should the image offend — remember he was a British actor in a British movie.  If my remark about Yuck being a Norwegian — I am a quarter Norwegian, and am allowed to laugh at my own people (in fact, I think it’s mandatory in Scandinavian countries… or at least it is in Minnesota and North Dakota.  I’ll have to research the statutes in Florida.)  My remarks about mustaches and braided ponytails stand as written.  Any resemblance between the drummer and this blogger are purely coincidental — although Paul may be contacted for possible identification of the bugger.



27 thoughts on “Quadrille: The Truly Horrible Tale of Yuck — a Poem

    • I have been told that the Swedes and the Norwegians laugh at each other… but only from the safety of their borders. 🙂 The world could stand a good lesson on how to laugh at each other less, and at ourselves more.


  1. All in good fun–no offenses taken. I think too many folks these days are way too touchy about comedic entertainment; chill, Bill.


  2. This challenge is certainly bringing out the whimsy in everyone. Loved the humor here …. and heaven knows we’re needing humor!


    • Well, perhaps it’s a good thing…. The voice of my muse was snickering as she said it, so I knew I had to write it. …but then, after a glass or two of port, I’m likely to write almost anything.

      Liked by 1 person

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