Franklin, My Dear




Saw him in whiteface, crying at the bar –

a stricken mime craves wine.

Like the man at the bottle shop says,

“A good sample is the best bourbon.”

Early to bed, early to rise

and home by three.

Tell me what I forget.

Touch me and I surrender.

Involve me and I turn state’s evidence.

I told old Ben to go flight a kite

and he became an enlightened sage.


* * *


The king of the adages, Poor Richard was just begging to be twisted.  Jilly brought the prompt, and dVerse Poets Pub had the guts to go with it.  So be it!



21 thoughts on “Franklin, My Dear

  1. You told old Ben to go fight a kite? To go knife a fight? I like that this is reads more like a poem than adage. Well done. You sent me to the Almanack, and I’m quiffing and quaffing.


  2. oh YES! Love the title and the last two lines. Okay….I should have gone the humor route and made the adages more prominent and had fun with it. Why oh why did I go into obscurity and the dark side? Ah well…..


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