Punctilious I Am (b)


…it sometimes goes.)  You wake –

up… groggy, because the alarm


you out of a deep,

deep sleep.

Your heart is knocking

on your head,


your eyes are filled

with gravel as if your young son was playing

at the beach of your dreams.

* * *

You sleep –


when you least expect

it.  (That’s just how…



Posted to dVerse Poets Pub, Meeting the Bar.  Björn is asking us to deal with poetic punctuation and enjambment — breaking rules, breaking lines, breaking table lamps if we’re not careful.  We are also supposed to spill the beans about what rules we are breaking.  But, aw, you know me… I wouldn’t break rules.  🙂

27 thoughts on “Punctilious I Am (b)

  1. Thank you so much for the Zappa – I love him but haven’t listened to ‘Apostrophe’ in ages.
    I love the title of your poem, Charley, and salute your punctilious punctuation!


  2. My heart knocks on my head when I wake at night….sometimes in REM my heart rate goes way up. Lol! I liked your sense of humor and poem.

    I love Zappa and still have Mother’s Of Invention albums from wayyy baccckkk. (I track my sleep with a Fitbit, interesting stuff.)


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