Top Hat and Tail Feathers


“…birds are holes in heaven
through which man may pass.”

– Walter Anderson


Today I chose the Crow,
tossing the Mockingbird I wore
yesterday into the hamper.

I enjoy my time in the choir.

The Crow is a more thoughtful
outfit – as long as I don’t see
any shiny thing along the way.

As a Crow I’m allowed to witness
in the court; a defender – Fish
Crows serve in the prosecution.

I’ve only worn the Dove once —
really don’t have that much grace within me.


* * *


Walter Anderson, Artist.

Walter Anderson’s Little Room.



13 thoughts on “Top Hat and Tail Feathers

  1. The clothing of the birds as something you choose, like a wardrobe for the day, is startling. Toss off the Mockingbird into the laundry makes us ask whose song you sang yesterday. These are choir robes quite unique! Enjoyed the distraction of shiny things but mostly that ending line about grace – such an honestly stops us dead in our (bird) tracks. Excellent writing, Charley.

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  2. Damn. That might be my favorite thing youve written in, well, a couple days at least! Amazing opening quote, but your closing line pulls at the carcass of my heart like I’m a dead thing.

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    • Thank you! I talk to crows whenever I get a chance (hopefully when no one is looking). Crows always tell you their name. It drives them a bit nuts if you can repeat it back to them. Fish Crows go nuts when I take their negative “Un Uh!” and respond with the positive “Uh Huh!” 🙂


      • Ha-ha-ha!! There’s a pair here, huge birds. A South African bird expert calls them ravens but others say they’re crows. I won’t attempt keeping one as a pet even if I do try and talk to them sometimes. I’m almost sure one answered me one day with a question.


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